White Tie Vs Black Tie Events – What’s the Difference?

Pulling off style success is all about the details. With informal events you can make your own fashion choices, but the same cannot be said for formal gatherings. Weddings, corporate seminars and charity presentations are a few examples of where your knowledge of the dress code could make or break your success. If you’ve received an invitation with “white tie event” or a “black …

Toby JessellWhite Tie Vs Black Tie Events – What’s the Difference?
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Are Glasses From Riedel Dishwasher Safe?

The brand of glass we recommend at The Refined is Riedel. Riedel wine glasses have been in production for over 250 years and continued to serve the wine industry, but are Riedel Dishwasher Safe? But do you find it painful washing wine glasses? You know your wine glasses need good care if they are to last and do justice to the fine wines …

Toby JessellAre Glasses From Riedel Dishwasher Safe?
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Rolex Submariner or OMEGA Seamaster – What’s On Your Wrist?

Whether it’ something flashy or prim, you can tell a lot from a man’s watch. Here, we compare two most sought after timepieces – the Rolex Submariner and the Omega Seamaster – and give you the places to buy them online at the best possible price. The question ‘which watch is better, an OMEGA Seamaster or a Rolex Submariner?’ is highly …

Toby JessellRolex Submariner or OMEGA Seamaster – What’s On Your Wrist?
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A History of the Omega Seamaster

Omega Seamaster watches invariably get increased attention from dive masters for a reason. In fact, the high-end watch series fascinates even the non-divers – such is the allure and high-end nature of the timepiece. Omega, unlike its counterparts, focuses more on a dive watch with a sophisticated luxury feel. The Rolex Submariner, on the other hand, lays major emphasis on …

Toby JessellA History of the Omega Seamaster
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The Submariner – The Rolex Watch Royalty

Among other sports watches developed by Rolex, the Submariner is one of the most famous watch models due to its timeless design and functionality.  It is acknowledged by many as the model most closely associated with the luxury brand Rolex.  Perhaps the names attached to the Submariner have something to do with people wanting to see the model at their …

Toby JessellThe Submariner – The Rolex Watch Royalty
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Rolex Watches – The Early Years

Rolex is a company with a high reputation, a reputable company that exclusively produces a high quality consumer product. It doesn’t even come as a surprise that the 2014 Global RepTrack 100 study by the Reputation Institute puts Rolex on the top spot as the number one reputable company as measured by consumers and second on the overall list of …

Toby JessellRolex Watches – The Early Years
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The Hans Wilsdorf Story: Rolex Founder

No other watch epitomises the word prestige as Rolex. Founded at the start of last century accompanied by Swiss movements and English components, the history of Rolex is closely linked to its enigmatic founder, Hans Eberhard Wilhelm Wilsdorf (1881 - 1960), along with his English brother-in-law Alfred Davis. In order to know how Rolex became a mark of business success, it is ...
Toby JessellThe Hans Wilsdorf Story: Rolex Founder